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Andrea Roman (Chile / South America)

My name is Andrea Roman, I'm from Chile and in July 2019 i had the opportunity thanks to @adiccionbeauty (Lia Klamann) to try these products (Premium Anti-Ageing cream & the Rejuvenating Serum).

I'm a grateful woman for having had the opportunity to try this skincare routine on my skin.

I have an autoimmune disease which causes me severe dehydration opacity in the skin, red contours of the lips and of my eyes which darken a lot.

Thanks to these wonderful creams that contain crocodile oil, my skin was for several months with luminosity, it eliminates skin bacteries, and I looked younger.

In addition the climatic conditions of Chile are not very friendly, but the products covered with all needs of my face.

I send my thanks to the brand NILESSENCES for such a wonderful experience and for the developing of so effective products that help people having autoimmune diseases.

I had also my son who had acne tested NILESSENCES products and he had a marked improvement.

Lia Klarmann (Chile / South America)

The serum is fabulous, the texture of the cream is amazing. I've been using the serum though almost every day and my skin feels incredible soft...

2 months after using I can say that the products are simply extraordinary: Clear and slightly sweet, the Rejuvenating Serum aids in firmness an in wrinkles reduction. This serum short time to be fully absorbed leaving luminous skin deeply moisturized.

Premium Anti-Ageing targets firmness elasticity and uneven tone. It has quite a raw scent, but the benefits  are well worth it.

My best friend having a chronic candidiasis (her skin is perpetually dehydrated) was testing the NILESSENCES products and the results are fantastic: her skin looks plumper soft and slowly. After just a week her face was radiant, rejuvenated and supple.

And her son has experienced with success this ingredient's ability to calm inflammation and acne-related lesions.

So my friends and her teenage son are both using NILESSENCES products with excellent results. My expectations have been greatly surpassed.

Mirelle Phachareeva (Bangkok/ Thailande)

I've the NILESSENCES serum and face cream, I love it, it works wonders and my skin is so smooth and tight afterwards I never get any acne or breakouts.

I love the packaging as is shows luxury and stylish ! The green bottle with the silver looks very beautyful.

Sometimes when I had a pimple or two i used the cream and the next day it healed quite a bit what is wonderful.

Siegrid and Michaela HAYO (Germany)

Siegrid: I'm 66 years old and have been using Nilessences body lotion for some time. That's what makes my skin feel firmer and smoother. I feel very comfortable with this product.

Michaela (daughter): I'm excited. I use the serum for the face and décolleté. It softens even after a week perceptible wrinkles and also deeper wrinkles. It makes the skin supple and lets it shine. It's like I'm taking the summer. The products is the best I've never tried.

Kingo Browiecka (Krakow / Poland)

The most-used NILESSENCES cosmetics is the Rejuvenating Serum. Already in the early days of use, moisturizing the facial skin is noticeable. With prolonged use of the serum, the effects becomes visible on the shallow wrinkles (especially mimic wrinkles around the eyes and lips), and I could notice an increase in skin elasticity and a uniform color.

In addition, the effect of the serum appears to be intensified when using the Premium Anti-ageing Cream.

Body lotion works great in the case of dry skin, like my skin - moisturizes and smoothes and is very well absorbed. It can be used immediately before applying the clothes because it does not leave a greasy film on the body and does not dirty the clothes.

Katarzyna Laskowska (Varsovia / Poland)

The serum is greatvery pleasant, with a very subtle scent it is immediately absorbed without leaving a big film on the face. A lot of friends are asking me about the serum but it was usually too expensive for them. I love especially the body lotion, the best I have ever had. Your products are genial in winter time. They are perfect for irritated skin from retinol.

Oskar Von Schreb (Stockholm / Sweden)

Thank you for sending me the maskbefore it's release ! I did enjoy the result, my skin felt hydrated and plump...The mask was great...I really appreciated the product.

Jennifer & Sylvain Thiriet (Nancy / France)

Jennifer: My feeling about NILESSENCES products after 3 weeks of use: the textures are pleasant and melting not greasy. The healing efficiency is prodigious...

Sylvain: The body milk is smooth and moisturizing. The smell is special and quite pregnant, but we get used to it and I finally appreciated the smell. My son Felix who has often dry hands appreciated the hand cream that made the job !!!

Michel Raymond (Bordeaux / France)

I treated mycosis for decades with cortisone-based ointments and this one regrades regularly after stopping treatment. I had the surprise using NILESSENCES body lotion to see after 3 weeks of use this fungus permanently disappear: awesome

Eulalia Rousseau (Paris / France)

Currently in chemotherapy following an operation in October 2019, I note the devastating side effects of this therapy in particularly on my hands and my nails. I have tried all the products recommended to remedy it, the creams and varnishes specially designed fo these cases of chemo without really noticing a convincing result. The pain persists and the digital grip is very affected. In desperation, I started using NILESSENCES hand cream and miracle, I almost immediately felt great relief. The pain subsides largely, the appearance of my hand becomes human again and my grip is incommensurate with the past weeks. I certainly haven't found my hands before, but the difference is oblivious, so much so that I recommended NILESSENCES hand cream to company "intermède" which had provided me with her products after chemo, hair prothesis, cream and various objects.

Many thanks to NILESSENCES whose products I will of course continue to use and recommend.

Alice Backscheider (Metz / France)

In any case, a big thank you for this product and for this discovery.

I use NILESSENCES hand cream for eczema problems with fairly deep crevices on my hands.

This is the first time that I have managed to treat this eczema without using cortisone and with this single cream.

In a few days we can see improvements, the skin is repaired smoother and softer.

I also tested it on an irritated area of the face ( the nose) and in a few applications my skin healed.

To summarize, I recommend this cream which in addition does not make hands greasy and which does not stick.

Denis Rhim (Strasbourg / France)

Following an operation on my knee (fitting of a prosthesis) I had an operational counter-attack with a psoriasis attack confirmed by my attending doctor.

I had flaking patches with crusts on the face (nose, temple, hair) and on the back.

My wife having managed to treat with NILESSENCES products based on crocodile oil recurring eczema at her foot (arch), I took the opportunity to use and test these products for my psoriasis.

I put morning and evening serum on the psoriasis plates on my face and body milk on the plates on my back.

The results were great and after 3 days my doctor confirmed that my psoriasis was on the mend.

All the crusts had fallen, and my skin regained its rosy glow. On my back, when I had very rough flaking patches my skin became smooth, pleasant to touch like baby skin.

I also took the opportunity to use only NILESSENCES body lotion for the healing of my knee wound following an intervention to place a prosthesis. The healing effects were spectacular.

Vincent Gauthier (Metz / France)

I have been using NILESSENCES body milk for 2 months now to treat psoriasis plaques that I have had on my legs for over 10 years. I went through all the creams and medical treatments possible.

Within two months, these psoriasis-related itches patches have completely disappeared.

Having a lot of experience in treating this pathology, this is the the fist time that a product has brought me such results.

So I recommend this body lotion.

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